Thai Acrylic Fiber Co. Limited (TAF)

We engage with the community through our AdityaBirla Knowledge Centre (ABKC) which is acommunity development project towardsself-sufficiency. The objective of such initiative is toempower the local people & nearby economicallyweak communities through high quality vocationaltraining, education and capacity building towardseconomic self-reliance.

A number of training programs includingprofessional skills development, income generationand enhancing communication skills were initiatedand deployed in the community.

TAF has a manufacturing unit in Saraburi, Thailand with corporate office in Bangkok, Thailand with sales offices located in India, China, Dubai and Indonesia.TAF is a closelyheld, non-listed company.

Total Employee Strength: 518-Permanent; 175- Contract

Value of Net Sales: Mn THB 6,682

Quantity of Products Sold: 109,592 MT

Our products include

  • Acrylic Fibre, Tow and Tops in varied deniers(fineness), cut lengths and lustre in both dyedand ecru.
  • Specialty products with the parent brand‘Birlacril’ and it’s sub-brands in all continents.
  • High quality dyed and raw white tow, top andfibre for various end-uses such as sweaters,blankets, carpets, soft toys and awnings.

Reporting to shareholders in all these companies is done once in a year at the Annual General meeting. However, most shareholders are represented on the Board of Directors andkept informed about business developments via quarterly board meetings. Regular interaction of our senior management with our shareholders for insights and feedback on important business decisions has helped us gain the confidence of our shareholders.

Message From President

The lower global acrylic fiber demand resulted in lower production in 2016-17 compared to previous years. The emphasis on VAP continued from few years and we have increased VAP share to 16%. We have already updated one production line for higher production and converted it from batch to continuous process. Similar work is ongoing in another line. This will help us save significant energy and water consumption per unit production. We are also expanding the power plant capacity, this will reduce dependence on steam purchased so far and also the electricity purchase from the grid. We are also doing a feasibility study for another 1 MW rooftop solar capacity addition, to already commissioned 500 kW in 2016-17.

Focus on training on sustainability was provided on a regular basis to employees and in this year we were able to achieve 100% employee training on sustainability awareness.  The steam generated from the plant is taken by the neighbour gas plant and the power is taken from the grid. Gardening and fountains in the plant runs from the treated effluent.  We aim to provide the safest work place experience to our employees with continuous improvements in our safety practices through our efforts in behavioural safety training and regular innovative communication mechanisms. Our efforts have been rewarded by no fatal accidents in 2016-17.

We believe in connecting and involving our community – one of our important stakeholders. We ensure continuous involvement with the community to address their needs and to grow them along with the organizational growth. We have launched new courses in ABKC with an objective of self-sufficiency. We also organised community meets to share the plant and environment improvement with leading community members and obtained their input for areas of support.

Over the past few years, we have worked towards complying withall the local laws and regulations in all areas and fulfilling our social responsibility. In the coming years, we are keen to work with our suppliers and support them through awareness raising to improve their performance on issues such as safety, human rights, environmental preservation. We hope our initiatives will motivate stakeholders to drive change and create a better future.

Mr. Rituraj Shah (President, Thai Acrylic Fibre)

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