Indo Thai Synthetics (ITS)

ITS is Thailand’s leading synthetic yarn spinner and the largest exporter of synthetic yarn from Thailand. ITS is the preferred customer to the world’s leading fibre manufacturers.ITS has manufacturing unit set-up in Bang pa-in, Ayutthaya, Thailand with corporate office in Bangkok, Thailand.ITS is a closely held, non-listed company.

We have a strong focus on systems improvements and have established comprehensive standards e.g. ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and ISO 50001. We are planning to implement OHSAS 18001 in 2015. Our products have been Oeko-Tex-100 certified.

  • Total employee strength – 474
  • Turnover – Mn US$50.47
  • Quantity of production – 22,514 MT

Our products can be categorised into home textiles, technical textiles and garments. Apart from our regular varieties of rayon and polyester, we also offer blends, slub and compact yarn. Each such product is the result of our commitment to research and development and every branded product offers our value chain partners and the end consumers a singular set of special benefits. Our product offerings are as follows:

  • Ring Spun yarn
  • Slub yarn
  • Siro Slub yarn
  • Core spun yarn
  • Compact yarn
  • Open end yarn

Our trained employees volunteers with groups toaddress different challenges in the community.The regular activities by these volunteers likedonations to the temple, orphanage and needypeople in the surrounding community, growingvegetables, lectures on health matters anddiseases,  religious discourse etc. are prominent.


Basic English language literacy emerged out as one of the prime need of our community. We conduct regular basic English courses for our employees in the factory.We considered it important to educate the peoplein the surrounding community to align them withthe company initiatives towards communitydevelopment and commitment to the environment.We have also arranged for scholarships forstudents of nearby community so that they cancontinue their education without any hurdles thusimproving their life.

Message From President

It is my pleasure to introduce our third Sustainability report following GRI G4 guidelines, covering the reporting period 01 April 2016 to 31 March 2017, disclosing information on our sustainability processes and performance.

After initiating the sustainability journey in 2013 and first report in 2015, we had taken targets for material indicators to be achieved by 2017. The report also shows ITS’s performance on these indicators.  This year, we also hosted first Sustainability Advisory Council meeting with six external experts in various areas of sustainability. Their inputs on the overall sustainability performance and last year’s sustainability report was taken and action plans were drawn based on suggestions received.

We are moving ahead satisfactorily in our journey towards excellence in all aspects of sustainability. I am delighted to inform you that our unit sustainability team has progressed well in achieving the roadmap this year. We have improved our performance in all key aspects including water, energy, emissions & discharges, safety, stakeholder engagement, responsible supply chain, local procurement and revenue growth.

Our efforts continue on the economic value generation for all the stakeholders. This year, in a difficult market demand, we have managed to increase the revenue compared to the last year. Many new value added products like DurashineTM, recycled polyester fiber and many other collaborative projects with customers and supplier have been initiated. We have started production of dyed Polyester, Rayon, Acrylic and their blends. These initiatives enabled us to increase the share of VAP to 21% in 2016-17, in the total sales.

Our stakeholder relations continue to be strong with many new initiatives and substantial increase in the community initiatives spending. In November 2016, we received ‘Finalists – Asia’s Best Stakeholder Reporting’ at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (organised by csrmatters and CSRWorks International, Singapore).

The employee safety record needs some improvement and in this direction a long term behavioural training is being implemented in stages.  We believe that our focus on sustainability aspects has prepared us to face the challenges of adverse economic conditions. Going forward, we will continue to focus on our roadmap to achieve sustainability targets.


                                                                              Mr.Y.P Singh (President , ITS)

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