PT. Indo Liberty Textiles(ILT)

Indo Liberty Textiles (ILT) was is located in an industrial town of Karawang, about 70 km east of capital city Jakarta in West Java province of Indonesia. The present capacity is 181,836 spindles (including 4,440 rotors of Open End), with annual Sales volume 48,000 MT/ annum . ILT is a closely held, non-listed company.

  • Total Employee Strength: 1,414
  • Net Sales: 113.29 million US$
  • Quantity of Products Sold: 48,000 MT

We manufacture spun yarn in different counts for different end users.  Our product rangecaters to wide varieties of end uses and includes Siro Spun Yarn, Compact Yarn, Rayon/ Cotton Yarn, High Twist Yarn, Anti-pill Yarn, Slub Yarn, Lycra Yarn, Rayon-Silk Yarn, Contamination Free Polyester/ Cotton Yarn, Bamboo yarn.

Message from CEO

As a part my obligation to be accountable to all my stakeholders, I present to you our sustainability progress during the period from April 2015 to March 2016. Our sustainability report, second in succession, builds on foundations and processes that were deployed during the last three years.

We are one of the leading producers of premium quality of spun yarn serving globally, with limited control over the value chain operations. Considering our role as a convertor in the value chain and consequent constraints, limitations and challenges, at each stage, we evaluate and make choices that are ethical, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our business strategy is to increase our value added products (VAP) through product innovations by our team with the help of facility provided in Centre Of Excellence (COE) as well as R&D centre. This will further strengthen our global market portfolio of value added products to improve our revenue and profitability in the coming years.

Our business is working closely and engaging with all stakeholders by ensuring the positive compliance in operations as per applicable laws and regulations and following best practices. As a responsible steward, we explore all improvement opportunities to conserve material, water, energy and minimize emissions, effluents and waste. Our approach is to engage all stakeholders in our strategy planning process where we discuss as well as evaluate the projects and elements of life cycle costing. We always steer towards cleaner and greener options. Despite resource constraints, we are continuously investing into modernization plan, renewable energy, recycling and recyclability; and make choices that will sustain our growth.

We are using renewable as well as non-renewable energy in our units. We are continuously striving for maximum utilization of renewable energy which helps in reduction of carbon intensity.

The sole objective is to improve service to our customers.

We have thus started making decisions which will shape the future of our company, our communities, and our planet. We understand that certain yarn blends despite its benefits can create environmental concerns especially at the end of its product life cycle; we are looking forward to collaborate with all stakeholders to overcome these challenges and implementing sustainability practices across the business.

We look forward to work with you on solutions that make a difference and help create a cleaner world.

Mr. Kapil Agrawal(Indonesia Spinning Business) 

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