Welcome to ABG Textile Business

The Textile Businesses of the Aditya Birla Group , in continuation to mark our efforts towards environment and society, we have decided to initiate sustainability reporting from 2014-15. We view these reports as a part of our continued commitment to our stakeholders to disclose our performance on key sustainability pillars. Our sustainability road map over the next three years will focus on the expectations of our key stakeholders including our employees and have defined strategies to be more economically, socially and environmentally beneficial and impacting the triple bottom line viz. people, planet and profit. All of our eight businesses have prepared their first individual sustainability reports and made available to the stakeholders. This portal is prepared for the stakeholders’ engagement and dissemination of various initiatives, projects taken under sustainability. We are also creating a grievance mechanism, stakeholders’ feedback collection system through this portal.

Vision for Textile business by Business Head

The Textiles Business endeavors to become the Industry Benchmark by 2020 in sustainability Processes & Performance, through qualitative engagement with all Stakeholders

Mr. Thomas Varghese

CEOs with their sustainability Vision:

Domestic Textiles

Domestic Textiles is committed to be socially responsible with continuous improvement in business practices by balancing economic growth and constantly reducing environmental footprint for the benefit of all stake holders

Mr. Satyaki Ghosh

Overseas Spinning

Overseas spinning business endeavours to become the spun yarn industry benchmark globally by 2018 for sustainability processes and performance by balancing economic growth with environment & societal interest.

Mr. Kapil Agrawal

Acrylic Fibre

Acrylic Fibre business endeavours to become the industry benchmark for sustainability processes and performance by 2020 through qualitative engagement of all stakeholders, while ensuring profitable and sustainable growth.

Mr Satyaki Ghosh